Customer Service Training

Never before have customers been more disloyal than they are now. Every business now has major competition, locally and internationally since the rise of the WWW. Why then have we become so non-competitive? Never before has customer service been more essential yet we have let it become very, very, very ordinary. Richard wants to become the Gordon Ramsay of customer service to make shopping a pleasurable meaningful experience.

Give a customer the most amazing experience and they will be compelled to buy from you (regardless of price). Customer service must be a priority. We must deliver an amazing customer experience.

Richard will mystery shop your business and critique your current customer experience, then coach your entire staff of the importance of exceptional customer service.

Richard will help your business define your customer journey according to the following stages:

First impressions
The greeting
The face to face experience
The farewell and follow up
What makes them a repeat customer
What makes a loyal customer






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